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paddock n : pen where racehorses are saddled and paraded before a race

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Etymology 1

From pad + -ock.


  1. (archaic except in dialects) A frog or toad.

Etymology 2

An alteration of parrock.


  1. A small enclosure or field of grassland, especially for horses.
  2. An area where horses are saddled before a race.
  3. Land, fenced or otherwise delimited which is most often part of a sheep or cattle property.

Extensive Definition

The term paddock may refer to
  • the name for an enclosure for livestock in British English
  • in Australian and New Zealand English, the term can mean any field in the agricultural sense (as opposed to a playing field)
  • the enclosed area at a racecourse where horses are assembled, saddled and mounted before a race
  • the area at a Greyhound racing track where Greyhounds are housed and inspected before a race
  • an enclosure at a Motor racing track used by team support personnel and vehicles, and other officials and VIPs
  • a toad mentioned by the witches in the first act of William Shakespeare's play MacBeth. Paddock is an archaic English word for "toad"
  • Paddock (war rooms), a two-level concrete citadel in Dollis Hill serving as war rooms for Winston Churchill during World War II



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